Pool Building Process

1. Access
  • An access to the excavation site is created
2. Excavation
  • In order to create a ledge for the side panels and room for box supports, a hole is dug 2′ bigger than the actual pool
3. Panels
  • Steel panels are set in place and bolted together
  • Panels are custom made according to specs and are formed into customized shapes and sizes of your choice
4. Box Supports
  • Box supports are installed  every 4′ around the pool
  • Steel panels and box supports are  cemented in place (this provides strength to the pool structure)
5. Pool Lines
  • 2″ flexible PVC plumbing lines are installed
  • Pipe and fittings are  primed and glued for maximum durability
  • Lines are backfilled with 3/4″ clear  gravel (for 99% compaction and excellent drainage)
  • Pipes are also added if necessary to correct any drainage issues or to prevent water accumulation behind the pool walls
  • A double track aluminum coping is installed
6. Rough Shell
  • A rough concrete shell is installed for a proper base for ondeck pool coping
7. Finish
  • A finished skim coat is hand troweled to create a smooth surface for the liner to sit on
  • A double track aluminum coping is installed
  • A natural stone or man made material is added for the deck coping
9. Liner
  • A custom liner designed to fit your pool profile is installed, and the pool is filled with water
10. Pool Equipment
  • All pool equipment is installed onto a concrete pad
  • A tutorial is given to the homeowner on its use and functionality

Fast Facts:

Rigid PV pipe is used to plumb each system for maximum flow efficiency and professional appearance.

All components of our steel wall pool kits are made from the highest grade of galvanized steel available.


Our construction team consists of qualified tradesmen, trained staff, and skilled contractors who specialize in all aspects of outdoor space.

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