Our in-house design studio enables us to provide you with complete landscape and swimming pool design.

With the freedom of having your landscape and pool completed by one company, you are rest assured a design that blends your landscape, pool and home into one harmonious space. By offering both the design and construction of the project, we are able to manage your project from the initial concept drawing to final handover.

Our use of hand drawn and computer-generated renderings, allows our clients to see their finished results prior to any construction taking place.

Design Process

Phase 1: Let's Meet

The first step of the design process is the consultation.

At this meeting we will:

  • Start to obtain the design brief by discussing with you what
    you wish to achieve from the space
  • your lifestyle
  • your interests
  • and your budget.


We will sketch rough design ideas and discuss how these ideas could be implemented into your space. Following up with a proposal for your landscape/pool design.

Phase 2: Let's Conceptualize

Once the proposal has been approved

A full site assessment of your property and the surrounding areas will be completed, by using homeowner’s survey, whenever possible to get accurate property line measurements and any other important details about the property.

Once concepts are complete we will meet and go over our computer generated renderings of the proposed pool & landscape.

At this meeting we will thoroughly discuss the concepts plans and other elements such as:

  • materials
  • plants
  • lighting
  • and the constructions processĀ (including building codes & engineering requirements).


This is the opportune time to make major changes before going on to more details. One revision is included, if necessary.

Phase 3: Let's Review & Confirm

Once finalized

The Landscape & Pool Plans are provided to you as a hard copy and soft copy. In these plans you will be provided with:

  • 1 or 2 concept plans
  • Detailed landscape plan
  • Images of chosen plants/flowers
  • Detailed quote for each plan

We always provide a detailed quote: one with the concept plan, and another with the final landscape plan

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Rendering Examples

Pool Shapes and Liners

We can build any shape and size of pool. There is no standard shapes anymore but these are some common shapes. A liner can be chosen from our sample book or through the manufacturers website.